Sunday, April 10, 2011

So much better when we're together

‎....It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving....

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm back - Snowboarding day

Jeeeeezzz, early this week I started it having the BEST day of snowboarding so far... I was so confident of every single move that I was doing, each turn, each way I chose, jumping getting some air, and I had some serious improving on my skills... seriously, it was amazing.
I didn't expected that the next morning I would have not the most tragic but pretty sad and painful happening. I had few runs to warm up and then I decided to go in one of the Double Black Diamond slopes... nothing bad happen, besides that ignored sixth sense that tells you to watch out...
After finish the HARD slope I decide go outta trail to perform some jumps... BANG! I wasn't paying attention how fast I was going and the place that I chose was narrow. The only thing I remember is when I fell over my knee and sprained my ankle. The pain was so much that, when I stopped rolling down the mountain, my leg was kinda numb followed by the pain... and the first thing that I did, was to check where I broke it..
It wasn't so tragic, but I wound up staying two days on bed treating my injury with ice and couple medicine.
Third day I was ready to go back... I couldn't stand one more day right on the bottom of the mountain seeing everyone heading to the lift and I was limping everywhere I headed to...

So, I woke up decided to board... and now is sleep time and do you know that you feel like you had a WONDERFUL DAY... that you could deeply enjoy it?!
This is how I'm feeling, exhausted but great...
The day was perfet, was snowing during the night and the early morning... so we had couple inches of fresh and powdery snow... half day was sunny... perfect.
As the last day, Jack and I decided to do the night snowboarding. It was a nice experience! =D
[Picture coming soon]

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funny Happening

[March 23rd - Salt Lake City - Utah]

Omg, after a nice dinner with my family in a western bar eating a rack of pork ribs... we are walking out of the bar and the exit is a stair to the reception by the door to the street. My little brother is walking right in front of me, and I realized that he was about to fall, right away I try to hold him by the first part of his jacket that I could reach (and it was his hood)...

But guess what, his hood came out in my hand [the hood was connected by pressure buttons] and he kept falling. As it wasn't enough a smoking hot waitress was right in front of us and she couldn't hold the bubble that she had seeing that scene.

It was just so funny to feel embarrassed, I couldn't stop laughing... hahahaha...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sea Lions - Malibu

There are moments that you can’t explain with words, there are moments that you can not capture in pictures, your memory is your best source where you can record tastes, smells, temperature… and so many other feelings. But once you can capture a wonderful moment in your life that will be recorded deeply in your mind… this become priceless.