Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funny Happening

[March 23rd - Salt Lake City - Utah]

Omg, after a nice dinner with my family in a western bar eating a rack of pork ribs... we are walking out of the bar and the exit is a stair to the reception by the door to the street. My little brother is walking right in front of me, and I realized that he was about to fall, right away I try to hold him by the first part of his jacket that I could reach (and it was his hood)...

But guess what, his hood came out in my hand [the hood was connected by pressure buttons] and he kept falling. As it wasn't enough a smoking hot waitress was right in front of us and she couldn't hold the bubble that she had seeing that scene.

It was just so funny to feel embarrassed, I couldn't stop laughing... hahahaha...

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